Avios 'Big Reward'

Avios came to us for an idea that could help improve awareness of how Avios works. But, we thought that instead of telling people, we would show them. We decided to spend a substantial chunk of the brand’s budget through Avios’ partners – and use the Avios collected to give away flights.

We created a website where people could say thank you to friends and family, which also entered them into a competition to win a flight.

In the final film, which took over a full 3-minute ad break on channel 4, comedian Chris Ramsay spent £250,000 on shopping items. He collected over a million Avios, and purchased 50 return flights before finally giving them to the surprised winners.

All of the products purchased were donated to Save the Children’s crisis grant programme, Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play!, which provides essential household items to UK families who are most in need, and to the Trussell Trust.